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Episode 12: Independent Musings: On Publishing

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Courtney, Perrian and Preacher23 return for the 12th episode of Geekhead Radio. We have joining us the author extraordinaire, Patrick Stutzman. We discuss his past works, future ideas and his experiences being self-published. We delve into some of the geek news of the past couple of weeks and generally have a good time harassing Perrian’s creation of new words.

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Star Wars: Episode VII: Separating the Known from the Unknown

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by Perrian

With the official word from Lucasfilm itself present JJ Abrams as the director for Star Wars: Episode VII we should take a moment clear the air, separate the facts and rumors from each other.     Here is what we know.


  1. Currently Scheduled for 2015
  2. JJ Abrams is directing.  
    1. What has he directed before? Lost,  Alias,  MI:III,  Star Trek,  Super8, and Star Trek: Into Darkness.  
    2. What other experience does he bring to the table.  He has written for Lost, Alias, Last Airbender(TV), Fringe, but his big movie credits are Super 8 and Armageddon.  
    3.  He has been more prolific as a producer, sitting in the chair 33 times behind such projects as Felicity, Alias, Fringe, Lost, Super 8 and Star Trek.    
    4. He has a very full plate coming up in the next several years after he finishes up Into Darkness he will move on to Wunderkind,  Believe,  a Cloverfield sequel, Star Trek 3 and Mission Impossible 5.  
    5. Through out his career JJ has been often nominated for his writing(21 times) and has won 7 times.    The SFX and Sci-fi community have given him Best Director Awards (Star Trek and Super 8).  He also has been award the prestigeous Norman Lear Achievement in Television Award.
    6. It is my believe that his love for the Star Wars franchise which he has always said was strong than that for the Star Trek, will help insure that Episode VII will be both true to George’s vision but will also allow the franchise to finally grow up a little bit.
  3. Michael Ardnt is our writer.
    1. Michael has a distinguished career as a writer penning the wonderful stories of Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3 and Brave as well as the upcoming sequel to the Hunger Games and Tom Cruise’s Oblivion.
    2. He is received 2 Oscars so far for Best Original Screenplay for Little Miss Sunshine and Best Adapted Screenplay for Toy Story 3.
    3. He also has a bevy of other writing Awards.   I believe that the story and dialogue are in safe and exceptional hands.
  4. Kathleen Kennedy completes the ‘core team’ as Executive Producer.
    1. Kathleen is the 2nd most prolific filmmaker in history, second only to her mentor Steven Spielberg.
    2. She has 90 Producing Credits to her name and has been nominated an incredible 8 times for Oscars.
    3. She is best known for her work on Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, The Sixth Sense, and Schindler’s List.
    4. Hand picked by Lucas to control Lucasfilm for the foreseeable future she brings a level and experienced hand to guide the franchise into the future.
  5. George Lucas is onboard as the film’s creative consultant.  What exactly this entails will probably evolve over time so we will just have to watch and see.  Regardless George has said he definitely wishes to limit his participation in the upcoming movies preferring to let the next generation of Star Wars filmmakers make it their own.
  6. There were three initial (basic) Screenplays considered according to George(see video interviews) before Ardnt was brought on board to bring the final vision to life.


  1. Original Cast Members returning, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer, and Anthony Daniels have all said the Lucas had contacted them in the last year or so asking if they were interested in participating in Episode VII.  Each has told the media they responded that they were indeed interested.     Neither Disney nor Lucasfilm has not confirmed their participation at this point.
  2. Bradley Cooper onboard with Abrams to play unknown role.
  3. Dozens of stories but none can be attributed to any reliable source
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Courtney fails a saving throw on “The Problem With the Portlandia Nerd Sketch”

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The Problem With the Portlandia Nerd Sketch


subtext: The Fake Female Nerd


Portlandia – Nerd PSA

By Courtney Pareis:

I appear to have missed that original rant, so I’ll just focus on this one. Congrats, btw; I’m slammed this week and this pulled me out of my hole to write what I guess is my first GHR rant; I feel so included! 

I agree that a lot of the issues with “fake female geeks” seem to be fear based, working with people’s natural tendency to displace resentment from something in their past onto current things that have a similar characteristic, even if it isn’t the root of the problem. If someone (or multiple someones) did something mean to you in the past, the problem is that those people were mean, not that they were male or female (women totally do this too; I think it’s a huge problem in gender relations on both sides). It’s like the researcher who was trying to condition a little boy to be afraid of a white rabbit and the kid ended up being afraid of everything white. Looking back objectively, I think the percentage of “mean people” I have encountered has been pretty equally divided across the genders (and geeks/non-geeks), though they may tend to show it in different ways. Unfortunately, especially when we are younger and still working on leveling that “Empathy” skill, it’s way too easy to blame the meanness on the thing about that person that is most obviously different from us – such as them being the opposite sex. 

Female geeks come in all levels of experience and knowledge, just like the male geeks I’ve known. Yes, many came to the fullness of their geekdom later in life, but there are plenty of reasons that could be that have nothing to do with actual geek dedication. And they come in all levels of “geek skill,” and I do believe that many of the interests that we as geeks enjoy are really skills, so variations are normal. Not everyone is going to be good at something, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t legitimately enjoy it. I’ve never heard anyone question a guy’s “geek cred” at length (other than what I’m told is good natured trash talk) when a guy isn’t particularly good at RPGing or a video game, or hasn’t instantly downloaded every piece of data regarding something that he’s interested in but doesn’t have much experience with yet into his brain for instant retrieval. I’ve known guys who for whatever reason don’t really bother to learn the rules of RPGs they are playing (or don’t know them nearly as well as they think they do), and I’ve never seen anyone accuse them of faking their interest in playing to be “cool.” 

Women shouldn’t have to be “The Geekiest of Them All” to be considered “one of the geeks,” and ladies, we’ve got to stop feeling like we do! All that does is prevent us from enjoying ourselves, and also unintentionally reinforces the idea that “casual geeks” are OK when they are male, but not female. I’m certainly not saying hold back (let your Geek Flag fly, babe!), but if your Honorable Kills are in the lower half of the battleground stats, that’s OK; I bet there were a bunch of guys there too.

And for guys who still have issues with this, I’m betting not all your male friends are embodiment of Neitzche’s UberGeek (he did write that, didn’t he?), and yet you are still totally cool with sharing your mutual geek pursuits. Why? Because while it may frustrate you the umpteenth time you have to explain to him how his own spell works in the middle of combat, at the end of the day, you are friends –friends who share common interests and bring things to the table beyond just dateability or lack thereof. That’s all most of us lady geeks want as well. I’m not denying that you will find some people out there just trying to get dates, but once again, that happens regardless of gender in many different activities, geeky or otherwise. (For a specific example, overheard at a con: “Dude, we should see if we can get into that LARP. Yeah, I know it sounds kinda stupid, but I hear it’s a great way to meet hot goth chicks!”) Those people will either find out accidentally that they love it, or they won’t last long. Either way, really, it’s no threat.

Likewise, I assume that when someone listens to a geeky dude on the interwebz whom they don’t know personally, it’s because they feel said person could bring an interesting perspective to the table, regardless of that person’s dateability. And if it turns out that they don’t, well, that’s a reflection on that individual person, or what you think about what they are saying, certainly not a sign of some larger Problem out there, right? Once again, I’d hope that same logic applies regardless of whether the person was male or female.

Now, I’m not saying that person on the internet doesn’t get a bonus to his or her role to grab your attention based on his or her appearance. That would just be hypocritical of me. That works both ways; we’re all only human, after all.  🙂


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What Do You Want, Geekheads?

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This is your chance whether you know it or not. We are building our listener base, moving more towards this site and looking for ways to make this an accessible site to those seeking geek news without over the top fanboyism. So let us know in the comments. What do you want to see on the site? What more do you want on the show? Sound off and let us know. We look forward to it.

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Geekhead Radio: Second Special- Ep. 11 Outakes and Post Show

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Want more of GMChris’ appearance on GHR? Well this is the special for you. Listen while we prepare for the show. Listen while Chris describes his reaction to Preacher’s home brewing. And during the post show, we talk about Indie RPG’s, dangers of Kickstarter, and games to look forward to like Hillfolk and Better Angels.

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