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GHR Episode 15 An Evening With Vader’s Fist

Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in geekhead | 0 comments


GHR is back and we’re live with Phil Maiewski, member of the
501st, the Rebel Legion and co-host of the “All Wings Report In
podcast. We talk about the demise of the Clone Wars, drudging old bits of NASA
history from the ocean, and unneeded remakes before delving into Cosplay. No
acts of God will stop Preacher23 from running all over his co-host Courtney in
order to give Perrian a needed break.

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Special Guest: Phil Maiewski has officially been cosplaying since February, 2006 when he joined the 501st Legion with his Episode 3 Clone Trooper outfit. He’s made 3 movie-quality outfits since, and has several more in the works. Since 2011 he has been serving as the Executive Officer for the local branch of the Rebel Legion, and as of January 1st is Co-Host of the Rebel Legion’s “All Wings Report In” podcast, a show about the news, events, and costuming within the Rebel Legion.

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Episode 14: Drama Vampires And Clones

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in geekhead | 0 comments


Geekhead Radio returns to prophesize the cancelation of The
Clone Wars! Before we do that, Courtney brings us up to speed about the World
of Darkness MMO, Krackens, porn and copyrights. Join us for Episode 14 and
listen in to get the mailing addresses to the Lucasfilm and Disney Reps you
need to write so we can get the Clone Wars back on the air!

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