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Episode 18- Joe Peacock vs. The Asshats (May 19, 2013)

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Who is Joe Peacock?

In 2012 he enraged millions of Geek when he tried to call out the exploitation that is happening now that Geek is Chic. His Article on CNN’s Geekout has become the 2nd more viewed written word pieces behind the Death of Bin Laden.

GHR talks to Joe about his Art of Akira project and his passion to promote Science, Mathematics, the Arts, Animators and Animation. Then Courtney takes him to task to finding out what was really behind the now infamous article, and he wants for the Geek future.

The interview is insightful, passionate and goes to the root of what it means to be geek(for both genders). I think you be surprised at what you find out when you listen.

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Perrian goes to Dallas ComicCon in Irving, Texas

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The Irving Texas Convention center was home base for Dallas ComicCon in 2013.   After a record breaking attendance in 2012 of over 20,000 the Center appeared to believe itself prepared for the return of the Convention goers.    They cleaned the center until it shown like a freshly polish SandCrawler, they invited a bevy of incredible guests like Nathan Fillion(Firefly), Levar Burton(Star Trek), Colin Feurgson(Eureka), Natasha Henstridge(Speices), and Kevin Conroy(the voice of Batman).   They upped the Ante by getting incredible artists such as John Romita JR (Kiss Ass), Jim Strenako(Captain America) and Arthur Suydam (The Walking Dead).   Finally they brought in the best and brightest vendors to show their wares and tease the public in parting with their well earn Gold pressed Latinum.

Unfortunately the Convention own good work turned against it and fans arriving Saturday were forced to wait in long lines to park in the 2 1/2 square mile parking areas since the Center’s own parking garage was full.   Next they were hustled into lines and stood in line in the rapidly warming Texas sun for the better part of a hour, before entering a convention center that was obviously way over capacity.

In fairness the ICC did its best with the situation trying to stay on top of things and keep people informed of what was going on and how to get to it.   The Vendors, Guests and Artists were wonderful, going out of their way to talk with and interact with their fans.  The crowds, however, took their toll on everyone and the magic evaporated much quicker than intended for many attendees.

I hope in 2014 that Dallas ComicCon finds a bigger venue so its guests feel even more welcome and the crowding is allevated to the point that those incredible and spontaneous Con Parties can erupt at random.      This GHR host can only give DCC a 3 out 5… as things that should have been taken care of ahead of time to help deal with crowds were not.. and guests were left feeling.. do they want anything more than just our money?   Was I glad I went?  Hell yah… and I looked forward to them making it better in 2014.

Perrian’s Pictures from Dallas Comic Con.

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