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Episode 30: Movies vs. Bookworms

Posted by on Dec 31, 2013 in Courtney, geekhead, Movie, Perrian, Preacher23 | 0 comments


In the final episode of Geekhead Radio for 2013, we attack one of the biggest issues to face geeks in general; source material versus media representation. We talk about when changes are better than the source material, when it’s unneeded and when its disrespect. We talk about twerking…err…tweeting sharks as when a movie about LARPing comes out of production limbo.

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Show Notes:

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Episode 29: Force Unleashed’s Nathalie Cox: Actress, Model, Runner and Geek

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Courtney, geekhead, Perrian, Preacher23, Star Wars | 0 comments

nathaliecoxWelcome back to
Geekhead Radio! We are joined by the gorgeous Nathalie Cox who
is best known from her role as Juno Eclipse in the Force Unleashed series. She
can currently be seen in Ryse: Son of Rome, one of the Xbox One launch titles.
Additionally, we talk about the zombite comet Ison, the PS4 and Xbox One
launches and Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary.





Nathalie Cox

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