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47 Geekhead Radio – PSN vs. American Ninja

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in geekhead | 0 comments

Geekhead Radio is down a co-host, but we’ve replaced Taylor Hunsaker with the spectacular Katie Burton. Aaron and Big Bear Crawley dish out the news known on Rifts coming to Savage Worlds and Star Wars Rogue One. We cover free games available for those with Xbox Gold Accounts and PSN Network. Big Bear covers the Mutant City Blues RPG and its ties to Powers. Finally we enter Netflix Nightmares and review American Ninja 2.





Rifts RPG coming to Savage Worlds

Information on Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One

Mutant City Blues

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001 Geek Therapist – It Begins!

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in geekhead | 1 comment

Welcome to the first episode of Geek Therapist. This podcast offers a unique perspective of psychology, coping and advice from the geek point of view. Your hosts, Aaron Burton, Katie Burton and Taylor Hunsaker give a crash course in identifying anxiety and how it affects the human body. We then focus on listener questions and give our two cents on ways to address the issues presented.

Get ready for a new element of Geekhead Radio and give Geek Therapist a listen! Available on Stitcher and iTunes.

#001 or #47 of Geek Therapist or Geekhead Radio 


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46 Geekhead Radio – Trenchcoats and Katanas vs. Nipples the Cat

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in geekhead | 0 comments

GHR is back to bring you episode 46! Aaron, “Big Bear” and Lil’ Tay dish up a bevy of information about the upcoming show, “Geek Therapist”, Daredevil on Netflix, Fox’s unnecessary remake of a classic and what the true color of Han Solo’s parka. In gaming news, we talk about Katanas and Trenchcoats and in our Netflix Nightmares segment, we review WolfCop.

Listen now on iTunes and Stitcher and find out if WolfCop ever finds Nipples the Cat!






For some dumbass reason, Fox is remaking Rocky Horror Picture Show for TV

Is Han Solo’s jacket blue or brown?

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GHR 45- Tales of a Terrible Movie

Posted by on Apr 1, 2015 in geekhead, Preacher23, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Aaron “Preacher23” Burton, Taylor “Temporarily Werebear” Crawley and Taylor “Sexy” Hunsaker are here to give you your news regarding GenCon, Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC, Dying Light and Bloodborne. Then they enter PTSD group therapy for the Kevin Sorbo disaster of Tales of an Ancient Empire. Join us as we process our pain, trauma and anxiety.

Episode #45 – Geekhead Radio, bitches



GenCon sends letter to Governor Pence

Dragon Age Inquisition releases DLC exclusively

If You Die In This Game, You Can Never Play Again. Ever.

Dying Light


Tales of an Ancient Empire

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