Aaron Burton (Preacher23)

10891910_10154982925370788_300268591182466751_nAaron is a licensed therapist, consultant, cultist of the Old Ones and protector of people underserved in the legal system. He entered forensics therapy a decade ago and decided to complete his education in mental health counseling after trying to figure out why he was so messed up. As a result, he has seen a darker side of humanity and came out jaded but still willing to help people change their lives for the better. While he is no longer a practicing therapist, he uses his knowledge paid for by crushing student debt to assist in finding therapeutic alternatives to incarceration.

Aaron started Geekhead Radio with the idea to provide a podcast for moderately geeky listeners and to give him a chance to vent his building nerd rage. In the intervening two years, the show has evolved to focus on Geek and Gaming news. Now with his long time heterosexual partner, Taylor Crawley, Aaron has joined the Defenestrate Media dysfunctional family to bring Geekhead Radio to Utah.


Taylor Crawley

ManTaylorTaylor Crawley is a financial consultant by day, geek and husband by night (and most weekends). He spends unhealthy amounts of time reading news feeds and blogs to keep up on the latest geek news. He plays video games, reads rules for role-playing games and board games, and doesn’t have cable.

Taylor joined Geekhead Radio in 2014 to aid founder Aaron Burton in bringing geek and gaming news, reviews, and opinions to the curious and bored.

Taylor Hunsaker

fNrOL0qKTaylor Hunsaker is a content strategist which is a fancy way of say “blogger” at a local SEO company. She’s also a local comedian, working on her sarcastic, confusing humor for over 2 years. When she’s not obsessively writing on Twitter – @murphysloy – she’s volunteering at Salt Lake Comic Con on their panel committee or watching the panda cam online.